Monday, 29 April 2013

How To Lighten Your Eyebrows Naturally

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3%

Lightening your eyebrows can make a world of difference, I have been doing it with boxed bleach for years now but recently I have discovered a new easier, cheaper, safer and more natural way to do it.  By using  the regular Hydrogen Peroxide that you find at the drugstore for cuts and insect bites.

A few reasons I found lightning with Hydrogen Peroxide better then with Boxed Bleach.

  •  Less irritation especially if you use a retinoids or glycolic acids your skin is sensitive and the bleach burns the skin around the brow.

  •  Less Brass! Because it is more gradual then boxed bleach you have better control of the colour outcome, especially if you have red pigment in your hair you will have it in your eyebrows as well and the boxed bleach can make them brassy.

  •  More natural color

  • No mess! All you do is rinse it off your eyebrows, nothing to mix or measure.

  • Super inexpensive, I got a whole bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide for a $1.99

Supplies Needed.

+ 3% Hydrogen Peroxide ( found at any drugstore , grocery store, pharmacy)
+ Q-tips
+ Cotton Pads


1. Saturate your q-tip in the Hydrogen peroxide ( make sure none is dripping off so you don't get it into your eye)

2. Gently go over our eye brows combing then in the direction they normally sit

3. Leave on anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, If you have light fine and/or sparce eyebrows you will need to leave it on for a very short amount of time, the darker and thicker your eyebrows the more time is needed. You may need to reapply the hydrogen peroxide if you have darker eyebrows as it will dry. Because the hydrogen peroxide is clear you will see what colour your eyebrows are and when you have achived your desired shade.

4. When you have achieved your desired shade, wet a cotton pad in cold water and wipe the eyebrows

5. Follow with a cold water rinse of your brows.

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