Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Get your Glow On: How To Make Any Foundation Have a Dewy Natrual Finish

 I was on YouTube the other night watching old footage of Kevyn Aucoin, I just find he was such an intriguing soul with immense talent . In one video they were talking about when he won the first CFDA award for best makeup for the Richard Tyler Spring/Summer 1996 collection. He was giving a breakdown of what he did on the models and for the skin he said he mixed glycerin with foundation, this of course intrigued me so I immediately mixed some glycerin and foundation ( I used Bourjois Happy Light Foundation and NOW Vegetable Glycerin) on the back of my hand and buffed it onto my face using a buffing brush and Viola a  finish that rival NARS Sheer Glow.

For the ratio of glycerin to foundation it really depends on what foundation you are using,  I used a drop or two of glycerin to two to three pumps of foundation, If you have the right among your foundation should be smooth and super bendable if you have added to much glycerin your foundation will separate and it will be though to blend. That's why I think it is best to mix it on the back of your hand so you can quickly make adjustments. I think this is such and easy, natural and affordable way to transform any foundation.

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